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About Lingua

“Lingua” is the largest private international language school in Surgut, Western Siberia, Russia , according to Russian State statistics data (do not mix with Surgut school of foreign languages). We have been operating successfully in the Russian education market for 21 years. The work atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. Siberians have a justifiable pride in their hospitality towards foreigners. Our students are motivated, keen, and respectful towards teachers and each other. The communicative approach is used throughout Lingua’s many classes to great effect. Classes are provided from pre-school to pre-university students and also to mature adults who wish to learn English.

Siberia may sound a daunting prospect; however, we hope that the warmth of the people more than compensates for the admittedly harsh climate; besides, the long winter affords a wonderful opportunity to learn to ski or skate and to practice almost every possible kind of winter sport. Nightlife is varied and modern with clubs, discotheques, restaurants, cinemas, theatre and indoor sports facilities.

Surgut is an important regional and commercial center, the home of Russia’s significant oil and gas industry. It is situated on the banks of the river Ob (the 3rd. longest river in Asia) about 2,000 km east of the Ural Mountains and 3,000 km east of Moscow surrounded by forest (the Siberian taiga). It is possible to arrange trips into the wilderness and also to native settlements. Unlike any other Russian city, there is a burgeoning middle class with considerable disposable income. Shops are comparable to European standards and the choice is often better than that available in British stores. Clothes, shoes, leather goods, accessories are all readily available to a very high standard.

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