Синявский Илья «Unexpected bonds»

What am I suppose to feel while being in such a beautiful well-known country for the first time and perhaps the only time in my life? Maybe nothing else but endless joy. So I’m eager to tell you about the most unforgettable thing during my trip to England. Come to think of it, those three weeks spent in England were unrepeatable, each one had its unique events. Visiting the Tower of London, London Eye and other sights is a very interesting amusement but speaking English with people of different nationalities is the most interesting and it is a good opportunity to test and improve your language skills. Finally here is the story.

When I started to have lessons at Canterbury college relationship among classmates was neutral but then suddenly one girl from Brazil made the first step to make the contact. After that everything started to turn upside down. I had never imagined Brazilians being so friendly and cheerful. To be honest, I’ve never met people with such emotional attitude. But after all I am glad I have met them. Thanks to them I have learnt some Brazil phrases, as for example “Hello” in Brazil is “Holla”, these words are practically the same. In addition I would like to say that that trip could be less bright too without my group friends. Thank you for all your support! On the whole, that was a perfect time!

ПРОСТО ОВЛАДЕТЬ ЯЗЫКАМИ «Выберите идеальную программу изучения иностранного языка для своих интересов. Пройдите тест и получите подарок.»