Рассказ студента Лингва, прожившего 1 год в Америке!

Dear students and teachers!

My name is Fail Fayzullin. I am also a Lingua Center student and study here for already 5 years! The previous year I’ve been to the U. S. for the entire school year! I won the contest in the program called Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX). Now I'd like to tell you a little bit about that wonderful American year!

There are so many advantages of going to another country and particularly to America. For instance, learning its' culture, traditions, share your own culture with others, etc. FLEX Program is all about sharing and exchanging. As for me I did so throughout involving myself in several school clubs and activities, making new friends, and also studding the history of the country through the school classes. Those classes helped me to understand not only the U. S. but the world!

Another place where I’ve learned much about traditions is my host family (HF). It's very awesome to understand that many people want to know about you, your home country and its culture! At the same time you are excited to get to know their traditions, interests and certainly the culture.

At school I’ve learned the most of things! I was studding in Baraboo High School as a junior (11th grade). As you know there 12 grades in their schools so I didn't study in the last grade.

This school year went pretty fast! I was happy and mad, excited and bored, but now after all my year I am just glad to be at my home. I had a great experience and I wish many people from other countries would have the same or even better experience in visiting and living in other countries!!!



06 июня 2011
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